Buying organic Christmas trees is a growing trend

Posted at 4:02 PM, Dec 02, 2018

Buying organic Christmas trees is a growing trend in the mid-state. 

Tanya Hans has already sold dozens of organic trees at A Greener Way Garden Center in Antioch. She said they are grown without pesticides or chemicals, which is why Christopher Peters wants one for his granddaughters. 

Peters said, "That's what we're going for!" 

Hand in hand Danyel Peters and Aaryean Shaw looked for the one. 

Shaw said, "I like this one!" 

"A lot of people still do not understand the concept, but you can either spend the money on organic food, and organic other stuff, or you can spend it on doctor bills," Hans said. 

Years ago Hans was told she was allergic to Christmas trees. 

Hans said, "I thought I was. My ENT said 'no more Christmas trees for you' about 15 years ago, and I had never been allergic as a child, and so I started researching at that time, and eventually found out that it's not the tree, it's the chemicals." 

She feels the chemicals used on Christmas trees cause upper respiratory problems and cancer. Organic trees take longer to grow, but Hans said it's the way to go.  

Hans said, "They turn out fuller, more beautiful, and the scent is wonderful." 

The girls narrowed it down, and Peters gave them the green light.        

Peters said, "This is the tree." 

It's  okay to put organic trees inside your car because there's not any fertilizers on the Fraser fir. 

Organic tree prices start at $29.97, and it goes up depending on height. You can find out more information here