Cat missing from Waverly flood miraculously found alive five days later

Cat shows up 5 days after flooding
Posted at 5:41 PM, Aug 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 19:46:02-04

WAVERLY, Tenn. (WTVF) — A flood victim in Waverly miraculously found her missing cat against all odds.

Britany Moss was visiting her family in Dickson County when her home flooded in Waverly. "I did have my neighbors call me, and they were stuck in their attics, so I was really worried," Moss said.

Debris and crumpled homes now litter her neighborhood. She was panicked because her adventurous cat, Jade, was missing. "I was so worried," Moss said.

She left out some cat food just in case and noticed something had been eating the food. She borrowed a trap from a friend, and put tuna in it, “and boom there she was," Moss said.

Her little miracle kitty survived the deadly flood. "If you could see what happened through her eyes when that happened, she was outside, I’m just like I can’t imagine!"Moss said.

Moss thinks Jade climbed a tree because her nails are cracked. "She was covered in mud and was just really matted on her back end, and she stunk really bad," Moss said.

It's a good thing cats have nine lives. "Definitely used one of those lives,” Moss said, “Maybe two because of how crazy that was."

One thing that's different is her feline friend has been cuddling a lot more now. “She’s an all-new cat now, she went through some things, poor baby," Moss said.

Moss hopes her story will give other flood victims hope. "Just blessed… grateful," she said.

Height of water in Waverly
Door shows height of water in Waverly flooding.

Unfortunately, Moss' home is likely a total loss but she had flood insurance. She's studying science at Austin Peay State University. She is concerned about climate change and global warming, so she wants to move to a state that doesn't have floods or wildfires.