Cathedral of Incarnation Celebrates Good Friday

Posted at 3:54 PM, Mar 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-25 18:47:58-04

Many Christians attended Good Friday services to reflect on the death of Jesus Christ, and churches of all denominations across the mid-state were filled with people.

At Nashville’s Cathedral of Incarnation, the Bishop opened the church for three hours this afternoon.

It was sort of an informal time for people to come and go. They could listen to a message, pray, or take communion.

Signs of spring were everywhere, and even though the Easter holiday came early this year, it still served as a symbol and tradition for Christians.

For Catholics, Good Friday services have often been more subdued – a remembrance of Christ’s crucifixion.

For Michael Beach, after only working a half-day on this holiday, he planned to spend the afternoon at church.

“Jesus died for our sins. The least I can do to come and pray and say thank you and better my relationship with him,” he said.

Church goers said it was important they come and reflect on Christ’s passion and death on the Cross. It was a time to be solemn and grateful.

At the Cathedral, they’ve covered Christ’s statue in red to represent his blood and the sadness of this day.

However, come Easter Sunday it will be removed, as they and all Christians celebrate the Joy of Christ’s resurrection.

There were other remembrances Friday, including walks to Calvary and the "Station of the Cross" services.