CDC Warns Swimmers Of Dirty Pools

Posted at 7:22 PM, May 26, 2016

A study released by the Center's fore Disease Control stated that 80% of public pools tested had at least one health violation, warning swimmers to be informed before diving in.

The water at Sequoia Swim and Tennis Club was calm, but was expected to be packed with people come Memorial Day weekend. 

"This deck will be full. If I had to guess, probably anywhere between 1500 and 2000 people will come through this gate just this weekend," said pool expert, Danny Alter. 

However, the CDC has warned folks of some dirty conditions that may be living in their local pools.

In a recent study conducted in about 50,000 public pools, hot tubs and water playgrounds in five states, the CDC found nearly 80% of the facilities had at least one health violation, forcing 1 in 8 pools to close. 

Tennessee was not a part of that stud. It included Arizona, California, Florida, New York and Texas. In Davidson County, public pools go through a rigorous pre-season checklist.

"They have the most in depth health department around," Alter said. 

Alter, the president and general manager of Greater Nashville Pool Management, said the process to open pools in the mid state begins in March.

"It takes us every bit from then to now to get these pools ready, up to code," Alter said. "That's when they check water quality, make sure the filtration is accurate, make sure the flow rates of the pumps are accurate."

In the CDC's study, 1 in 5 kiddie pools were forced to close because of health violations.

"Kiddie pools are one of the most dangerous places when you're talking about chemical fluctuation. In a big body of water it takes a couple of hours for the chemicals to do up and down. In a kiddie pool we can see that happen anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour if someone is not staying on top of it," said Alter. 

Officials encouraged pool goers to check the inspection results before jumping in and if that doesn't satisfy you, "go get the test strip, dip it in, make sure it's safe before the kids get in."

A good indicator the pool may not be safe is the water quality. If it's cloudy, something is wrong.