Celebrate Tennessee: NASA Engineer Inspires Students

Posted at 8:58 PM, Sep 08, 2017

If you read the bestselling book or saw the blockbuster movie Hidden Figures then you were no doubt inspired!

It's the untold, true story of four African American women who helped launch our nation into space.

Friday, a current NASA engineer, who said those women helped her reach her goals, was the one inspiring Metro students to reach for the stars!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School required students to read Hidden Figures, and on Friday NASA engineer Dr. Renee Horton brought it to life for them.

“My day to day is going in and making sure the rocket is being built as defined in the design,” Dr. Horton said.

Dr. Horton has been helping build a rocket headed to Mars one day. She credited part of her success at NASA to the brilliant women who came before her, meaning the women portrayed in the movie Hidden Figures.

“It is your responsibility to leave an impact on society,” Dr. Horton said. “It is your responsibility as a human being to want the world to be different.”

The students appreciated her openness and honesty about her journey to success: an unwed pregnancy, raising kids alone, even homelessness.

“With her, we were able to see ourselves in that position,” the kids said, adding it gave them hope.

“She connected with the crowd,” they said speaking about how inspirational they found Dr. Horton.

Dr. Horton called the crowd "the future" and left it up to them to write the next chapter.

“If you find that place where your talent and passion intersect, you will find your happiness,” Dr. Horton said.