City Employees Disappointed with Metro Council Budget Vote

Posted at 9:56 PM, Jun 20, 2018

It was a nail-biter night at Metro Council this week, but now a new budget is set to go into effect in just 10 days, after a vote that required a tie-breaker.

Acting Vice Mayor Sheri Weiner broke the tie voting not to implement a property tax increase, but also down the drain went the school funding and city employee pay raises that came with it.

The local Service Employees International Union, who was pushing for the pay raises, says they're disappointed, but they hope the conversation will continue with lawmakers.

“We see this as the starting point for next year, and keeping the discussion going, a number of council members said we need to keep talking about this, we need to understand better, how do we draft a budget that allows us to keep the promises,” said Brad Rayson with SEIU Local 205.

The union says its members and other city employees deserve the raises they were promised -- raises those workers may have to count on, for next year.