Clarksville Man Looks For Kidney Donor On Street

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 21:46:45-05

A 28 year-old Clarksville man has taken his plea for a new kidney to the streets of Clarksville.

Joshua Surovey could be seen standing along Wilma Rudolph Boulevard holding a sign that said "Kidney Donor Needed, O Blood Type."

He was out there last week and planned to go out again this week. "My goal is to get myself a kidney and also to help other people who need a kidney," said Surovey.

The college graduate said he found out he needed a kidney last year, just two weeks after graduating from The Art Institute of Tennessee.

Doctors told him he needed to lose weight in order to become a recipient.  "My highest was about 350-365, and I'm at 215. I had to loose the weight in order to qualify for the transplant my BMI was too high" said Surovey.

He has since moved to the top 4% of recipients nationwide, but he decided not waiting for doctors to call him with the good news. That's why he took to the streets of Clarksville. "The second day that he was here I drove over, and it was really hard on the way knowing I was gonna see my son standing out there holding a sign asking for a kidney to save his life," said Lynn Surovey, Josh's mom. 

He and his family drove around the city in a car covered in decals seeking donors. Josh Surovey said he was also trying to create awareness for other kidney recipients who couldn't do what he did.

"My goal is to get myself a kidney and also to help other people who need a kidney," said Surovey. 

His work on the street has paid off. He said over 60 people have already contacted him wanting to know how to help. To find out more about Josh and his kidney recipient search visit his gofundme page by clicking here.