Co-Op Customers Question Electric Bills

Posted at 10:50 PM, Dec 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-15 23:55:36-05

Neighbors have asked NewsChannel 5 for answers, saying they can't explain the huge electric bills they've received in the last few weeks.

They say even with the drop in temperature, the bill increases have been enough to shut their power off.

Multiple neighbors on Tri-County Electric's pre-paid billing program contacted NewsChannel 5, like Breanna Caudill, who says her bills show her electric usage has doubled over the last couple weeks.

Breanna says even though it's getting colder, her heaters still stay on the same amount.  She says nothing's changed in her usage, but her bill.

She says the problem's gotten so bad she's woken up to her power being shut off, once her pre-paid account was drained of money.

"How is it that on one heater, one day it'll be five-six dollars, then another day I'm not even here and all of a sudden its 12-13 dollars?" asked Caudill.

Tri-County Electric told NewsChannel 5 it tries to walk customers through steps to see why their energy usage could be high, including testing the meter that records it. 

The company says it has not received calls from other customers seeing bill increases, and it says it does not turn off the electricity of any customer for any reason when the temperature drops below freezing.