Co-workers Rally For Surgical Team Member In Critical Condition

Posted at 9:55 PM, Oct 18, 2016

When you work at a hospital, every action is critical.

"We deal with life and death every day," said Vanderbilt Surgical Technician Jennifer Hinterman.

She says her mentor, Dineen Cottrell, is the one people turn to.

"She's extremely giving, she's very humble, I think she defines selfless," agreed co-worker Sarah Kremer.

Cottrell has helped bring thousands of babies into the world in the Labor and Delivery Dept. And she's often specially requested by doctors for help with surgeries.

"They'll call her personally and say 'Dineen I'm coming in today and I'm doing this case and I want you on it,'" Hinterman said with a smile.

Hinterman never expected her mentor and friend would be the one who needed help.

Hendersonville Police say Christopher Solomon was drunk when he slammed into Dineen and her husband Bobby while they walked to a garage sale on Saturday. They charged Soloman with DUI for a third time.

Bobby died over the weekend. 

Dineen is stable but in critical condition.

"It's hit all of us harder than we thought," said Kremer.

Dineen has worked at Vanderbilt for more than a decade. And her hospital family is circling around her and her 19-year-old daughter, organizing meals and working to make sure those who care about her stay in-the-know on the latest news and how they can help.

They say while they're used to the delicate nature of life, they feel rocked knowing it's one of their own.

"She's definitely the glue to our unit so we are feeling this tragedy," Kremer said. And they know that once she wakes back up, she has a long road ahead.

If you want to help, friends and co-workers have put a GoFundMe page together to help pay for Dineen's medical bills.