Comic book stars Tennessee's superhero Dolly Parton

Female Force: Dolly Parton
Posted at 5:01 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-28 21:57:51-04

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WTVF) — Tennessee’s superhero, Dolly Parton, now has her own comic book.

Z's Comic Lair in Murfreesboro is a prime spot for comic book lovers according to owner Patrick Zambrano.

"They come out every Tuesday and Wednesday, so when we open Tuesday, we have people outside waiting for these to come out,” Zambrano said. “And then they’re all right here, Marvel, DC and then all of our independents."

During the pandemic, they closed and switched to online sales. That's when collectibles made a comeback according to Zambrano. He describes himself as owner or 'head nerd.'

He works at the store along with his brother. "We loved the toys and Star Wars, and this is just what we do, it’s fun," Zambrano said.

Now that they're back open in-person, all the rave is the Female Force: Dolly Parton comic book. "They come in and they just want that Dolly book, and they’ll buy it and head out, so it’s been cool," Zambrano said.

The superhero role suits Dolly well. "So this is our Dolly exclusive. This is the regular cover we did for it. We had 250 copies of, and then this one is a foil cover that we did 50 of, and we are almost sold out," Zambrano said.

They've even mailed Dolly's comic book to customers in Europe and Australia. "It’s pretty wild," Zambrano said.

The book highlights Dolly's life and illustrates her career. It looks like he'll have to request another order soon.

"A lot haha. The first one we actually sold out in a few hours, and this is the second one we’ve done, and we ordered quite a few more of them, so we’re selling them quickly," said Zambrano.

The comic book comes from TidalWave Comics. At the Murfreesboro store, the regular one costs $10, and the special edition book is $25.