Corrections to runoff development issues in Hendersonville slower than expected

Posted at 5:35 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-07 08:37:06-04

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Neighbors in The Hollows Court subdivision in Hendersonville said they are frustrated about the slow efforts to fix a runoff problem caused by a new development.

NewsChannel 5 first reported about the problem after resident Eric Rion showed video of the muddy runoff flooding his yard and street.

Several other residents blame the flooding that is eroding properties on the Somerset Downs Development located nearby.

"You can't stop development. We're not against that but we are in favor of responsible development," resident Ray Baker told NewsChannel 5. "When I say responsible it's not doing anything to cause problems for your neighbor, and we are the neighbor and we got problems."

About seven months later after voicing their concerns, residents are finally seeing some type of sign to fix the problem, but according to city officials, it is still not completely done.

Somerset Downs Development was found to have several violations last year, including lack of proper stormwater pollution prevention and erosion prevention plans and permits set in place. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Water Resources requested for remediation activities to be completed to address sediment issues.

Rion said temporary efforts were set in place to ease the flow of runoff but they never worked during heavy rain. On March 28th, the Sumner County Planning and Stormwater Department sent a letter to the developer saying there was "a pattern of refusal to make noted corrections in a timely manner."

The letter pointed failures to maintain temporary and permanent stormwater control measures. It asked for changes including concrete drainage structures to be made and "As-Built" drawings that would help indicate if the plan is in compliance by Friday of last week.

Sumner County Planning and Stormwater Department Director Josh Suddath told NewsChannel 5 that the structures have been installed, however, there is a lot of loose material and a pile of excess soil. Suddath said it was supposed to be cleaned up, and the remainder of the site needed to be stabilized with straw matting on Monday. Since there are still issues, a work order to stop construction will be issued by noon on Tuesday if they are not resolved.

In addition, the drawings were not submitted because of an approved extension request for May 10.

Residents like Rion said they are frustrated about the lack of urgency to resolve the matter. He does not believe there should have been an extension.

"Everybody is dragging their feet to fix it," Rion said. "We want it fixed right but we are tired of the constant delays."

TDEC also sent a letter more than a week ago to the development, saying some of the requested changes haven't been implemented, and is asking for photographic proff of the improvements by May 20th or face fines.

The county will review the drawings once submitted and will determine if more enforcement action is required.