Could Hurricane Ian impact Tennessee gas prices? Experts say it could fluctuate

Colonial Pipeline in Nashville, Tennessee
Posted at 3:59 PM, Sep 27, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Amid Hurricane Ian, it’s possible gas prices could fluctuate just in time for fall break in the South.

There’s been an uptick in traffic in Florida as thousands of people evacuate due to the hurricane. That means more drivers at the pump.

"We aren’t really competing with Florida for gasoline. We may continue to see a tight supply in Florida for that fuel, but it really shouldn’t impact Tennessee," said Stephanie Milani, AAA – The Auto Club Group.

The good news is that Nashville gets gas via the Colonial Pipeline from refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

"Some fluctuations can certainly happen, but we’re not expecting a huge spike in gas prices," Milani said.

According to Milani, several oil platforms in the Gulf are shutting down.

"They want to make sure and keep all of those workers safe, so there are a couple platforms that have already shut down." Milani said. "The sooner that they can get back online, and start producing again, then the less of an impact that their closure will have on prices."

However, for families traveling for fall break, they may want to save up some extra cash just in case.

"Here in the southeast you’re probably not going to find a 15 or 20 cent difference among the states," Milani said. "You would get into that if you’re going to a different region maybe up north or certainly to the west coast."

Currently, the state's average on Sept. 27 is $3.19 a gallon. Earlier in September, it dipped below $3 at several Nashville gas stations.