Couple spends Valentine's Day together one year after wife donates kidney to husband

Posted at 2:53 PM, Feb 14, 2019

HOPKINSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — People spend their entire lives looking for their perfect match. For Larry and Suzanne, they were lucky enough to find one another and it saved one of their lives.

When Larry found out he was suffering from kidney failure, the couple had no idea what would happen. But when Suzanne discovered she was a perfect match, it took no time at all for her to offer one of her kidneys to the love of her life.

The couple has been married for 46 years.

Greenfield said, "As I told his mother about a year before she passed away, this was a match made in heaven and God knew what He was doing before He put us together."

They fell in love in high school, and were each others one and only love.

Greenfield said, "We didn't give up. when hard times hit, we fought back."

So when Larry found out he had kidney failure, they just did just that. They gave it all they got.

Greenfield said, "She attacked it with every fiber in her body."

Unfortunately, it would be years before Larry would get a new kidney through the donation bank.

Greenfield said, "I was beginning to turn gray."

With his health deteriorating, Suzanne went to get tested to see if she could be his donor. She was a perfect match.

Greenfield said, "I felt it's always meant to be."

Of course, she didn't think twice about the donation.

Greenfield said, "As long as we've been together, it's like losing your arm or your leg."

But after talking with doctors at St. Thomas, it was important that they had a lifestyle change before surgery. At times, Larry was nervous it would all fall apart.

"I apologized to her this morning as I never seemed excited... I was," Greenfield said.

Suzanne lost over 50 pounds, it took them two years and a new diet, but they did it!

Greenfield said, "With the help of Larry, I gave him the kidney!"

Now a year after the surgery, they look forward to going to their lake house, and traveling to see their two sons, which wasn't possible before because of Larry's health.

As they take time to reflect, Valentine's day is now an extra special time for them.

"It's wonderful, and I look forward to many many more," Greenfield said.