Dandgure's Cafe to close at the end of June after 31 years in Nashville

Posted at 9:49 PM, Jun 22, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — After 31 years in Nashville, Dandgure's Cafe is closing in historic Pie Town. With a line this long, and on a day this hot, you know the food has to be good.

"I’ve been coming here off and on since the 90s," said Gary Streit, a longtime customer. "A good place for lunch with good food other than chain fast food."

"Think mom and grandma together, came together and made a meal, that’s all I’m saying. It’s fabulous," said Jackie Pair.

For regulars like Gary and Kevin, the potential for so many good decisions has paralyzed them with indecision.

"I’m trying to decide if I want meatloaf, or if I want fried chicken," said Kevin Ulmet. "This is what you call a meat and three, and then — one, two, three — and then we have dessert, which is actually four. Maybe you call that a meat and four."

Make no mistake, while the food is phenomenal, most of the crowd is here to see the man who started it all.

"Lynnette, how you doing?" asked Dan Robinson, owner of Dandguire Cafe. "I’m going to miss this place, I am. It’s been a home for 31 years."

Robinson started Dandguire Cafe in 1991 with two cooks and a dream to lure in customers with some incredible southern food. Those customers had children and grandchildren, who have been coming in, week after week, ever since.

"I’m generational now. I’ve seen the mom and pop and their children, and now grandchildren are coming to eat," said Robinson.

But now, Dan says it's time.

"Well, I tell ya, Father Time will just let you know," said Robinson.

And while he's ready to retire, he's a little less eager to say goodbye.

"It’s been a joy, and some sadness involved at the same time. But I think we all get to that point where we deserve to do our duty and then go elsewhere," he said.

Luckily for Dan, instead of having to seek out all his favorite customers, they're all lining up for one or two last meals.

"There are many stars in your crown in heaven for having fed Nashville for so well, for so long," said Streit.

"May others rise up to take your place," added Ulmet.

Danguire Cafe will remain open, Monday-Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., until Thursday, June 30.