Davidson Co. sheriff takes action after security bulletin warns of violence from extremists

Davidson County Sheriff Takes Steps After Security Bulletin
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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 21:48:58-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Davidson County Jail houses killers, drug kingpins, and rapists, but Sheriff Daron Hall says the inmates in need of special attention are those involved in the U.S. Capitol riot.

Sheriff Daron Hall cited concerns about anti-government extremists when he explained why they present a special set of concerns.

For now, the individuals who were arrested in Tennessee are no longer at the Davidson County jail. The U.S. Marshals are taking them to Washington D.C. to face federal charges. But they could be back soon.

So far, there are at least five facing charges out of Tennessee including the so-called "zip tie" guy Eric Munchel and his mother Lisa Eisenhart -- both charged with being part of the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

"My feeling is that they will be back here at some point," said Sheriff Hall, who thinks they'll either be freed on bond or the Marshals will ask him to lock them up again while they await trial. "It's a contract for housing purposes, but the U.S. Marshals love to house them in Nashville if they are going to be in this court system."

The suspects from Tennessee have appeared in federal court here, but will be tried in D.C. Sheriff Hall expects there will be more arrests as the FBI rounds up those linked to the insurrection at the Capitol.

And these inmates come with a special set of concerns. Just this week the Department of Homeland Security issued a national terrorism bulletin warning of potential plots by extremists. Might they target a jail holding suspects from the riot?

"Unfortunately, the answer is yes to every bit of that. You have to worry about the outside. I mean there might be people motives to, well, God knows if you'll storm the Capitol who knows what you would do," said Hall.

For now, the sheriff says inmates like Munchel and Eisenhart are, of course, kept separate from each other and are closely monitored.

"You have to protect them from themselves and other inmates. Believe it or not, they are high profile," said Hall. A profile potentially made higher by the details from the Homeland Security Bulletin suggesting possible violence from ideologically-motivated extremists.

The sheriff and his staff are on notice. It's important to note there has been not any specific threat of targeting the Davidson County jail. But the sheriff, working with the Metro Nashville Police Department and the U.S. Marshals are prepared and will be taking no chances.

Sheriff Hall adds the jail was on heightened alert in the days leading up to and just after the inauguration. But now with this new security alert and more arrests -- that heighten alert remains very much in place.