Demand for Waverly Angel Tree assistance nearly triples; donors needed

Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 19:34:34-05

WAVERLY, Tenn. (WTVF) — Amid all the destruction, Waverly's Lindsey Daniel still has hope for the weeks to come.

"We’re just waiting for the holidays now. Something happy," Daniel said.

She said she needs something to wash away the trauma of the water surging into her house, while her whole family was stuck in the attic.

"We’re all really for Christmas because we actually know what the true meaning of Christmas is this year," she said.

But for a lot of flooded out families — actually putting presents under the tree — may require a Christmas miracle.

"You know you hate to see anybody go without during the holidays," said Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis.

Sheriff Davis said they normally have about 300 families sign up for their angel tree program as recipients. This year is different.

"We’re probably getting close to tripling," said Davis.

Sheriff Davis said he's already seen examples of the angels among us, stepping up with donations.

"That’s heartwarming. That tells you a little bit about what Waverly’s all about," he said.

But it's going to take a heavenly host of them to make a difference.

"We’re going to make sure everybody gets a little something for the holiday season," Davis said.

As for Daniel, she said she feels like they have enough assistance from family that they can manage on their own.

"I believe there might be other people who need it more so we chose to just do our own thing," Daniel said.

And while presents are nice, all of the gifts in her life are living with her inside the camper parked next to her home, as they recover from the flood.

"I’m thankful that I get to go buy Christmas presents for him and then he gets to open them and that I have my husband and my son here," Daniel said.

Those who are interested can pick up a tag from an Angel Tree at the Waverly Walmart, Dickson Walmart, Trull Pharmacy and Memories and Marmalade in McEwen from now until Friday, December 10.

For those who would like more information or make a monetary donation to the program, call Kim Roberts at (615) 516-8488.