Demolition Of Bellevue Mall Begins

Posted at 9:45 PM, Aug 22, 2015

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The demolition of the Bellevue Mall has begun, so crews can make way for a $200 million new development project.

Hundreds of people gathered at the site of the old Bellevue Mall to watch it come down Saturday.

The mall had sat mostly vacant for years. While there had been some hope of a comeback, it faded when Sears announced earlier this year that it was leaving the mall.

That made way for the announcement of the new One Bellevue Place Project.

The new development has been set to include apartments, condos, retail, restaurant and entertainment space.

While folks at the demolition said they're excited for what's to come, they also remembered the times they had in the Bellevue Mall during its heyday.

“It was almost like a neighborhood mall, even though I live in Kingston Springs, this was our mall,” Carol Sappington said. “We would come here even on Sunday after church, shopping and picking up birthday presents. Now we have to go miles and miles away.”

The new One Bellevue Place project has been set to open by Thanksgiving 2017.