Deputy, Awake, Talking; Remains In Critical Condition After 100 Oaks Shooting

Posted at 4:49 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 00:13:23-04

A Robertson County Sheriff’s Deputy stabbed with a screw driver and shot by an inmate remained in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, but was said to be awake and talking.

The update to his condition provided a small bit of relief to a community still in shock.

Deputy Josh Wiley was overseeing convicted bank robber and inmate Rodney Cole on Wednesday inside of a Vanderbilt health clinic at 100 Oaks. Around 1:30 p.m. Cole asked Deputy Wiley if he could use the restroom.

Somehow Cole managed to get a screw driver which he used to stab Deputy Wiley multiple times, including at least once in the neck. The altercation ended with Cole being shot and killed by Deputy Wiley’s partner, Tomisha Jones.

“This has been a very sad, stressful and chaotic time for this community,” Robertson County Mayor Howard Bradley said on Thursday.

Metro Police were still trying to determine how the inmate got a screw driver. It’s also still unclear if Deputy Wiley was shot by the inmate or shot by his partner as she tried to get the situation under control.

Shooting Keeps Patients, Employees Inside During Lockdown At 100 Oaks

Wiley underwent multiple surgeries at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Thursday. Officials are also crediting a Metro Police officer with saving Wiley’s live by tying a tourniquet around his leg in the moments after the attack occurred.

“After his physical wounds have healed there will be a long period of psychological adjustment for both officers," said Bradley.