Deputy Rescues Young Girl Pinned By Tree During Storm

Posted at 6:40 PM, Aug 02, 2016

An 11-year-girl was rescued after being pinned by a fallen tree when a thunderstorm passed through Murfreesboro.

At home Kelly Bianco's chore is usually the trash. "I take it out almost every single day," she said.

However, on Monday, her regular routine became downright dangerous.

"It was scary," she said.

She was taking out the trash before dinner. But with the evening storm on its way, the winds picked up and suddenly her sister called out.

"I said 'Kelly get out of the way theres a tree falling!'" said 14-year-old Paige, "and she had this much time to get out of the way or else it would have come on top of her."

The large tree in the neighbor's back yard fell over, missing Kelly's body and head but pinning her arm between it and the trash can.

"I started screaming," Kelly recalled.

Her mom and neighbor tried to lift the heavy limbs to no avail.

"I think when they tell you when you get enough adrenaline in your system you can lift a car they're not really telling the truth," said Kelly's mom Heather Courtney.

They called 911 and tried to keep everyone calm. But then the rain came, splashing down on the group from the sky and the gutters.

And Kelly's fingers were losing feeling.

"I didn't want her to panic so I course I was freaking out a little bit," said Courtney.

They say that's when Rutherford County Sheriff's Deputy Lawson Royal showed up and got the rescue under control.

"We were able to find the hack saw and he cut the trash can and we were able to push it down and they kind of held the tree up so she could get her arm out," Courtney said.

"I wiggled my arm free and I just walked through this big branch right here," Kelly showed NewsChannel 5 how she got away before she was rushed by ambulance to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

She still has some bruises and scratches but amazingly, not a single broken bone.

"She's able to lift it today," Courtney said, "she wasn't last night, she couldn't really lift it up or bend it."

Courtney says she thinks Kelly may get a little break from her regular chores.

"She's not gonna have to take the trash out for a week or two!" she laughed.

She's just glad she still has her daughter all in one piece.

"Even just one inch to the right it would've been worse so I was thankful," Courtney said.