Designated parking for scooters rolled out in downtown Nashville

Posted at 9:03 PM, Jun 03, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WTVF) — Scooters have caused a lot of problems since arriving in Nashville but they may no longer litter the sidewalks now the city is trying to corral them.

We've all seen scooters parked on sidewalks, on bridges and even at the bottom of a creek and this week City is marking designated parking spots for scooters in downtown Nashville.

"We're not taking anybody's parking spaces and we won't be impeding any traffic and it should get the scooters off the sidewalk," said Billy Fields, Metro's Director of Transportation Licensing.

Right now, there will be 12 spots for corrals located from Demonbraun to Church Streets and from 2nd and 4th avenues north.

SUMD parking corral.JPG

"The companies will be putting them in the corrals in the mornings and the people during the day will pick them up from the corrals and take them back that way," said Fields.

Fields said the effort is to keep scooters from becoming a road block and a hazard to people walking.

"They're parking them in places that causes people to have a hard time, this is about public safety. We don't want anybody to trip over a scooter, have to step around a scooter, or not be able to use the sidewalk," he said, and Fields says he is hopeful the corrals will work.
"I want to believe there's going to be compliance and we're going to work hard with the companies to get that compliance."

All 12 corrals should be ready for parking and pickup by the end of this week. So far, this is a pilot program and the City could expand corrals to other congested areas in the metro.

The companies will also have the information on their apps of where you can find the nearest corral.