Do Sheriff's Office Posts Break Medical Records Privacy Laws?

Posted at 10:13 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 23:33:55-05

A mid-state woman has raised concerns about the professionalism of some of the posts on the Cheatham County Sheriffs Office official Facebook page, but the Sheriff himself said he's done nothing wrong.

Near Valley View Road in Cheatham county last week, Linda Pinkerton Morris doesn't dispute her ex-husband and another man got into a brawl, and police showed up.

"Apparently the fight had been going on for an hour," Morris said.

Police broke up the fight, and the next week on the Sheriffs Office official Facebook page, came this week in review report:

"Your Deputies show up when blood is spilled and spattered," and referring to the two men, "The transference of hazardly [sic] slung hepatitis hemoglobin by hooligans during a "Punch and Judy" gathering is not the fun part of the job."

The post angered Morris and her family.

"My daughter was calling me screaming and crying, 'Mama, they're talking about our Daddy having hepatitis hemoglobin being thrown everywhere!'," Morris said.

Morris says her ex-husband does have hepatitis, but she thinks Sheriff Mike Breedlove may be breaking medical record privacy laws in posting about it on Facebook.

Even though Breedlove didn't post any names, Morris said people in the community have figured it out.

"I have people calling my children and asking my children if they have hepatitis, if I have hepatitis, you know, and it's not fair to us," Morris said.

For his part, Breedlove said the Facebook posts are just a way for people to keep informed.

Breedlove said, with no names posted, he's on safe legal ground, and he said he hopes his Facebook posts will make people think twice before committing crimes in Cheatham County.