Dozens of women experiencing hair loss given specially made wigs by Clarksville hairstylist

Select Your Crown
Posted at 5:48 AM, Oct 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-25 06:54:51-04

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Women experiencing hair loss were treated to pampering in Clarksville on Sunday. The Select Your Crown event brought 100 women together, all of which were sent home with a custom wig.

"When you lose your hair, you do lose a part of you," said Markeisha Wardell. "Your hair is your crown it is important to you, but that's why this organization was created to uplift and encourage those women who are going through that."

Markeisha Wardell is the Clarksville hairstylist that started the non-profit for women experiencing hair loss.

Women with hair loss from chemotherapy or a condition like alopecia submitted stories to Wardell about their experience. 100 women and girls were selected for a specially made wig.

"We literally customized every wig as close as their before picture as possible, so they look like their old self but in a new, updated version. Something that they're comfortable, but something they can relate to as well," Wardell said.

Ronkeydra Sullivan, of Nashville, submitted her story after reading on Facebook about the wig giveaway.

"My hair loss has affected my self-esteem over the past 8 years," Ronkeydra Sullivan said."It's hard for me to go out. It's hard for me to around other people because I'm not sure what they're looking at on me."

Sullivan started losing her hair after taking medication for lupus and Crohn's disease. The wig she received allows her to confidently wear her hair down.

"Because I suffer hair loss, I'm usually in a ponytail. I usually only get to wear it up in a ponytail, but now I'm getting the opportunity to wear it down," Sullivan said.

Speakers at the event talked about repair treatments, how to get insurance to pay for future wigs and local support groups.

The whole event is something Sullivan won't soon forget.

"I'm around a group that's just like me, they're suffering just the way I'm suffering and to be in a place like this is just amazing," Sullivan said.