E. Nashville Neighbors Concerned About Speeding

Posted at 3:30 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 21:27:08-04

Neighbors living on Montgomery Avenue in East Nashville have recently recorded drivers speeding through the residential area, and blatantly ignoring stop signs put up at the corner of a school bus stop.

"They're going so fast, there's no way they could stop," said Veda Spann Rainey, a mother and Metro Schools teacher who has lived on Montgomery Avenue for two decades. "It's frightening as a parent and as a teacher. I see my students standing out there every day."

A four-way stop was installed at Montgomery Avenue and Blue Ridge Drive less than one year ago. Neighbors said it's common to see drivers ignore the stop signs and speed laws multiple times a day.

For Spann Rainey, speeding has become so problematic, she won't let her 9-year-old son be outside of their fenced in front yard.

"And even then it's not safe," she said. "I've had multiple people slam into my fence. Luckily he wasn't outside at the time."

Spann Rainy said sidewalks and speed bumps might help calm traffic in the area, but said she has voiced her concern to her previous councilman and police officers to not avail.

"They're doing their best to try to monitor it, but we really need some speed bumps or a traffic signal here," she said. "Before someone is hurt."