Eagle Scout Honored After 28 Years

Posted: 10:07 PM, Nov 05, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-07 00:27:14-05
Eagle Scout Honored After 28 Years

A Hendersonville man celebrated receiving his Boy Scout Eagle rank 28 years ago thanks to his local community

In February of 1989, Carl McCoy II, a Hendersonville High School student, earned his badge from Boy Scout Troop 408, but he was never recognized for the top achievement.

"We had a change in leadership in the troops. Life happens I guess," McCoy smiled. 

McCoy said school, college, and the military got in the way and over the years celebrating the Court of Honor was an opportunity missed.

Dana Denton was cleaning out the office of Troop 406 in Hendersonville this past spring when she found McCoy's Eagle paperwork. She went on Facebook to ask if anyone knew McCoy, who's a sergeant with the Sumner County Sheriff's Office and School Resource Officer at the the city's high school.

"The band director at Hendersonville High School knew me and evidently was friends with Dana," McCoy said.

Denton asked if McCoy would allow Troop 406 to honor him with a much belated Court of Honor to which he agreed.

"It's not often that you get an Eagle Scout that comes before you guys that has gray showing in their hair, and somebody that's lead the life of an Eagle," McCoy addressed a crowd during his ceremony.

"The recognition I think after working so hard for so many years for something and then not having that moment, your moment in the spotlight. Better late than never they say," he said. 

McCoy's message to the other scouts --- live life like an Eagle, with honor, loyalty, and kindness. Even if no one is watching.