East Nashville Couple Robbed At Gunpoint

Posted at 6:58 PM, Mar 15, 2016

A couple was robbed at gunpoint in East Nashville after leaving a popular restaurant.

Official with the Metro Nashville Police Department  began looking for two men who robbed the East Nashville couple Monday night. 

The robbery took place in a parking lot off of Eastland Avenue around 7:15 p.m. when the couple was leaving from dinner at Rosepepper Cantina. 

One of the people involved in the robbery, an East Nashville man named Tim, said two men around 18-years-old approached him and his wife with a gun drawn. 

"They started asking for my wife's bag, they just said, 'Bag, bag! Cell phone, phones!'" Tim recalled, adding that his wife handed over her bag and cell phone to the man with the gun, who then took off, leaving the other man face-to-face with Tim. "Seeing that he did not have a weapon, I started to approach him, and he kind of stutter-stepped and then ran back with his buddy toward the alleyway." 

Tim said both of the men, who were dressed in hoodies, ran across Scott Avenue into an alleyway, passing a maroon PT Cruiser, which Tim thinks may have been associated with the men.

"This PT Cruiser had been sitting in the alleyway with it's lights off watching the whole thing go down." Tim explained. "So when the boys started to run toward the car, I thought they were going to get in." 

The two men ran past the car, but Tim believes the PT Cruiser could be involved. Because of that, Tim took a picture of the car with his cell phone and posted it on the East Nashville Facebook page, hoping one of his neighbors could help solve the crime.

"It's a really tight-knit neighborhood." Tim said of East Nashville.

As of Tuesday evening, Tim said the PT Cruiser is the best lead he and the police have to go on.

After Tim and his wife were robbed, Tim said the car peeled out. He couldn't see inside of the windows because they were tinted, but Tim said the car had temporary green and white tags. 

Metro Police said on Tuesday that they are looking into the crime. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at (615) 862-7400.