Edgehill Grocery Closes; Leaves No Walkable Grocery Store Nearby

Posted: 10:10 PM, Nov 14, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-15 04:59:19Z
Edgehill Grocery Store Suddenly Closes

An Edgehill neighborhood grocery store has closed, leaving people nearby without a walkable grocery store to go to.

The Edgehill Grocery closed a few days ago, according to neighbors.

Many people in the neighborhood say they don't have cars to drive to the closest supermarket, more than two miles away.

The sign on the store says the grocery store will only be closed for renovations but neighbors worry the closure could be permanent -- another store next to the market says it is also closed for renovations, but that sign was posted nearly a year ago.

"It's sad because we're getting the short end of the stick in this community," said Michelle Compton, a nearby resident.

NewsChannel 5 could not immediately get in contact with anyone from the Edgehill Grocery.