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Teens make kits for voters to use at the polls for a safe voting experience during the pandemic

Posted at 6:17 AM, Oct 26, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Some people are considering avoiding the voting booth because of COVID-19 concerns. So, a group of high school students in Green Hills are creating kits to help people feel confident and safe at the polls.

"People at the polls need to be safe and they really don't need to feel stressed or anything while standing in line," said Veronica Pierce.

Pierce, a sophomore at Harpeth Hall, with her sister Mary Alice, a freshmen, had the idea to stuff bags with masks, hand sanitizer and gloves for people to take with them when they vote.

"Even though only two of us in this group can vote, we all have people that we are close with... that need to have a safe vote experience during this pandemic because they are vulnerable to this disease," Pierce said.

The group of a dozen students at the school for girls began making the safe vote kits before early voting. When they heard about the record-breaking turnout in the first few days, they picked up the pace.

"It was just extraordinary to us and at that moment we knew that we were in business," Pierce said.

Two weeks into their campaign, the girls had made approximately 1,000 kits.

"They know the history of women earning the right to vote in this country and I think it is something they don't take for granted," said Dr. Jessie Adams, the coordinator of the school's community service program called Public Purpose.

Volunteer and senior Clara Murff is a first-time voter.

"It's very important to vote," said Clara Murff. "Someone fought for your right to vote so you should use it."

Murff is helping get the kits to organizations like Fifty Forward and The Store, where they are passed out to people who are most at risk for a serious infection if they catch COVID-19.

"It doesn't matter where you're voting or who you're voting for, it just matters that you vote and you go out and do your civic duty," Murff said.

The group is receiving requests regularly from their partners for more kits.

"I think that a lot of what we have [in common] is just love for our community, and we just want the best for everyone," Pierce said.

A kit costs about $3 to make. Donations can be made on the safe vote kits website.