Nashville conducts survey for public input on E-bikes on greenways

E-bikes on greenways
Posted at 9:01 PM, Nov 02, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Metro Nashville Department of Parks and Recreation and Nashville Department of Transportation are conducting a survey regarding electric bike usage on Metro greenways.

Nonprofit group Greenways of Nashville is calling on all greenways users to use their voices in shaping future greenway policy.

“It is our mission, and I think Nashville really has grown so much and sentiments change, and it's a really good point now to do a check-in and see, going forward, what do we do? What does our city do regarding Greenway policy?" said Amy Crownover, the executive director of Greenways of Nashville.

Crownover says they're partnering up to see if like E-bikes should be allowed on greenway trails.

Currently, some (only Class 1 and 2)electric bikes are allowed on Metro's greenways under state law, but can be regulated or prohibited by Metro.

"Are there ways or policies that need to be developed to just make sure the space is being used by everybody and everybody's comfortable and moving forward? We have to just acknowledge that e-bikes are here and they're very useful for many people," she said.


You may have seen the signs asking the community to answer a survey to grant electric bike access to the greenways.

Crownover says it's important the community's voice is involved.

“E bikes are not necessarily new to the greenways or new to Nashville but the survey is to get some community engagement, understanding of what people think about how the greenways and the parks department address emerging technologies.“

For more information on the survey, visit Hub Nashville by clicking here.