Embers Ski Lodge Searches For Missing Mascot

Posted at 10:44 PM, Jan 28, 2016

The beloved mascot of the Embers Ski Lodge on 12 South has been stolen, and employees were determined to find him.

Guillermo is a stuffed fox, and he's been missing since Friday night when the bar and restaurant opened for business during the snow storm.

Now wait staff are putting up signs and flooding social media, trying to find him. They say they're devastated their favorite mascot is gone.

"A few people are shocked, few people are sad, few people are upset, so honestly it's just a mixture of emotions," said bartender Dylan Padgett.

Assistant Manager Megan Dillon has a theory about who stole him.

"He's probably in somebody's dorm room, like a trophy on a shelf, I guarantee you," she said.

Staff have not received any ransom notes or clues to Guillermo's whereabouts so far. They set up an email account: and ask anyone who knows anything to send them information.

If Guillermo is returned they said there will be no questions asked. And they will even buy the person who returns him a drink on the house.