Student involvement led to woman and baby falling into storm drain

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 06, 2018

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System has said they have evidence that student involvement was the cause behind the missing grate cover that led to a woman and her baby falling inside a storm drain last week.

The woman was walking through the Rossview High School parking lot while carrying her baby, when she fell into an uncovered storm grate. The woman and her child fell approximately 20 feet into the drain.

Emergency responders were contacted around 6:37 p.m. when a passerby called 911 after hearing the baby crying in the drain. 

Emergency responders arrived and found a secondary entrance to the drain.

"They crawled about 120 feet to get to her," said Clarksville Fire Fighter Randy Ellis. "When they got to the opening to where they were able to get down. He had to step on the ladder and climb down which was already built in the side of the wall to the storm drain."

First responders were able to safely remove the woman and her child around 7:15 p.m.

The woman was conscious and taking with no signs of serious injury and was transported to a Nashville hospital. The full extent of her injuries, however, are unknown.

The baby, which was under a year old, had an abrasion but did not show any signs of life-threatening injuries at the scene. 

A spokesperson for the Clarksville Montgomery County School System said they are conductins an investigation. All of the school system's storm grates have been checked.