Evelyn Boswell case: Authorities say search of North Carolina pond is inconclusive

Posted at 6:23 AM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 06:38:51-05

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office confirmed authorities searched a pond in North Carolina in connection to the Evelyn Boswell case. However, the Wilkes Co. Sheriff's Office tells WJHL NewsChannel 11, the search was inconclusive.

The man who was arrested along with Evelyn's grandmother reportedly has family who own land near the pond being searched, according to WJHL.

Sullivan County Sheriff Jeff Cassidy gave an update Wednesday following the arrest her mother, Megan "Maggie" Boswell. He confirmed authorities are searching a pond in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

"I hope and pray, and my staff hopes and prays she is alive," said Sheriff Cassidy, "and we’ll continue to work like she is alive."

Maggie Boswell was charged with false reporting on Tuesday night. Sheriff Cassidy said not only was some of the information she provided inaccurate, but it also delayed and impeded the investigation.

"Every time we talk to her, her story changes," said Cassidy, "I'm serious when I say every single time."

"Every time we talk to [Maggie Boswell], her story changes," said Cassidy.

Cassidy said they're committed to bringing Evelyn home, adding he hopes and prays she's alive. "We’re going to continue to work as if she is alive," he said.

According to court documents, a CPS case worker spoke with Boswell on February 18 about her 15-month-old daughter. Boswell told the case worker Evelyn was with the child's father, Ethan Perry, and that she would meet up with Perry the following day to exchange custody. The toddler's mother was arrested Tuesday evening.

Detectives learned Perry, who is actively enlisted in the Army and stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana, did not have Evelyn.

Boswell was charged with making a false statement to law enforcement.

Before she was arrested on Tuesday, Boswell spoke with CBS affiliate WJHL, saying she is pregnant and unable to take a polygraph test, even though Sullivan County authorities say they haven't asked her to take one. She also says her mother took Evelyn to a campground in Virginia and that if the TBI doesn't go to the campground, she will. However, investigators say they did search the area and came up with nothing.

She recently posted on her personal Facebook page asking for help finding her daughter.

"She is the sweetest baby you will ever meet and will smile and want to hug you when you see her," the post read.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says they've received more than 500 tips but there's still no sign of Evelyn.

While the Amber Alert for Evelyn is only a week old, the 15-month-old has been missing since December. The last confirmed sighting of her was either December 10 or 11.

Boswell said she had someone whom she trusted watch Evelyn while she was at work. She said she didn't call police after that person disappeared.

Evelyn's grandmother, Angela Boswell, and another person were arrested in North Carolina in connection to her disappearance. Investigators say the two were driving a stolen BMW they were searching for in connection to the case.

Angela Boswell has been extradited back to Tennessee. Sheriff Cassidy said she has been questioned by investigators but did not elaborate.

A $59,850 reward is being offered in the case. Anyone with information on where she might be is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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