Expert weighs in on Nashville explosion, says bombing 'not a spur of the moment thing'

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Posted at 4:06 PM, Dec 25, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — As authorities continue to investigate Friday morning’s explosion in downtown Nashville, experts tell NewsChannel 5 they strongly believe the location of where the bomb went off was not an accident.

There was so much planning that would have to have taken place to coordinate a blast like this, and experts say with coordination like this, you typically get someone taking credit sooner than later. That was not the case here, as we have yet to have someone claim responsibility for all this damage.

NewsChannel 5 talked with Alex Little earlier who is a former lead national security prosecutor in our area. He says usually, in a blast of this magnitude, the goal is to create as much collateral damage as possible and that includes a massive loss of life.

The fact that we heard a warning beforehand, makes Little believe the motive was far more sophisticated.

“This thing went off at about 6:30 at Christmas morning. We have witnesses saying there was nobody there the night before, so this was something that was planned to happen in the morning like this. Then you have someone who took the effort to make a recording, to spend time and risk the bomb going off to send this warning for 30 minutes before it went off. So, this is not a spur of the moment thing. It took a great deal of planning,” said Little.

Little also said, “if you’re going to do an attack and not take credit for it, the person you’re going to attack knows why you’re doing it.”

He says investigators behind the scenes will have to look at every possible motive behind this, including how it all relates to AT&T.

Little also mentioned that as an investigator, he would take a closer look at the surveillance video we have where we can hear the message from the RV.

The video was posted from a Twitter and YouTube account that was created today and has no prior posts.

Little says you have to look into if this was posted by someone involved with the bombing. NewsChannel 5 will bring more details as they become available, but Little says he’s also keeping up with the latest information.

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