Experts say 4-day work week could be good for Nashville traffic

Posted at 5:29 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-10 20:17:34-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — More companies are moving toward a four-day work week and experts believe if enough jump on board, traffic in Nashville could see the impact.

It's a concept called work flexibility. Whether companies reduce the work week from five to four days, or just allow their employees to work from home, it can lower pollution and reduce congestion.

According to Dean of Jack C. Massey College of Business Dr. Pat Raines, it also has a number of other positive effects.

"They say about two-thirds of managers are finding that productivity is actually increasing where they allow work flexibility," said Dr. Raines. "Workers are saving money from less parking, less travel, less pollution. As a result, more companies, I think in the future, are coming around to work flexibility now."

The owner of All American Pest Control said she can vouch for that. After going to the four-day work schedule for all employees in early 2018, the company has seen numerous benefits.

"For us, we found that the four day work week would allow us to have meaningful work while also giving our team time for meaningful relationships," said Erin Richardson.

Richardson said the company was able to hire eight new employees in 2019 and they use modern connectivity to manage their business and service.

The employees at the company get more personal time, but according to Dr. Raines, more businesses could benefit from switching.

"There's even been legislation introduced to give companies pollution credits for allowing homework by their employees so they can cut down on their congestion. So, more legislation to try to encourage more work flexibility," he said.

However, Raines added each company would have to decide for themselves whether or not that were the best action.