FAA Investigates Nashville Emergency Landing

Posted at 5:49 PM, May 09, 2016

The FAA continued to investigate what caused an engine covering, called a cowling, to fly off a Delta jet flying from Atlanta to Chicago.

It prompted an emergency landing at Nashville International Airport Sunday.

109 passengers were on board Delta flight 762 yesterday when it happened.

The cover was said to have separated from the plane during turbulence near Cleveland, Tennessee.

The Cleveland Police Department and the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office said Monday there has been no reports of the 10-foot-wide cover landing anywhere in the area.

After the cowling came off, the pilots on the Delta flight 762 declared an emergency and they were able to land in Nashville instead of continuing on to Chicago.

Delta says it has apologized, and they say they will be investigating the incident.

An aviation expert at Nashville Flight Training says the big concern for the plane’s pilots was not flying without the cover, but what the engine cover could hit on the plane as it flies off.

“You have primary flight controls back there that are very important to that airplane,” said Dale Kimbrough with Nashville Flight Training.