Farmers Use Technology To Increase Bottom Line

Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 19:44:50-04

New technology is helping farmers increase their profits, improve planting techniques and reduce waste in Southern Kentucky and the Mid-State.

From sensors on combines to instant data transfer to anywhere in the world, farmers like Jason Head of Long Vue Farms are turning to the latest technology to achieve the best crop possible.

"There's a lot of automation going on out here in the field," said Head. "The combine operator is actually not having to hold the steering wheel. Not having to drive until he gets to the end of the field. There's a sensor on the header which is cutting the corn off and bringing it into the combine which allows the machine to follow it into the row."

Head said that's actually older technology compared to new programs that allow crop temperature, moisture and yield data to be sent from the combines, directly to his iPad. The data is collected and used to map out all of the farm's corn fields so they know which areas create the most corn.

"Before we had this, you know, you had to stop the machine, get out and look," said Head "We still do that to some extent, but you can know if you have a problem a lot sooner because the machine is going to tell you."

Head also said he plans to test out new combine technology that involves having cameras inside the equipment to help make adjustments as the combine is working.