Feeling Stressed? Let Off Some Steam At ‘Bash-Ville'

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - We all have feelings. Some good. Some bad. But as adults and professionals, we really have to manage our emotions. Now, there's a company dedicated to helping you deal. 

It's called Bash-ville. Owner Gena Lea said her "rage room" is the perfect way to let off some steam. 

"They tell you to hit a pillow. Some people smash their phones. Come here, break my stuff instead," she said. "We do bachelorette parties and divorce parties so keep our card just in case."

Bashers can customize their experience.

"We have axes, we have a rolling pins, baseball bats, hammers," she said. 

So pick your poison, choose your breakables, even your favorite song. They provide the gloves and goggles. You provide the anger. Once you've run out of things to bash and smash and destroy, hopefully you'll leave your rage inside the room where it belongs.

"They come in the door and they're hesitant, a little scared. When they leave they're smiling, they're happy. It's a release," she said. 

If you have anger issues go seek professional help. Bash-ville is for fun and decompression from every day stressors! Sessions start at $25. For more information, click here

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