First Of Two Debates Held For Jeremy Durham Seat

Posted at 10:36 PM, Oct 12, 2016

Candidates vying for former state Rep. Jeremy Durham's seat were suppose to answer debate questions Wednesday night in Williamson County, but only one of the two District 65 candidates was present.

Democrat candidate Holly McCall attended while her opponent Sam Whitson (R) released a statement saying he was attending a previously scheduled event.

"I am meeting with voters at a campaign event in Fairview this evening discussing the issues that are important to the 65th district," he said.

The debate was the first of two to be held at the Williamson County Administrative Complex in Franklin.

McCall's campaign released its own statement commenting about Whitson's absence.

"After four years of Jeremy Durham, voters in District 65 deserve to see their new choices share a stage multiple times. They can only make informed decisions if afforded ample opportunities to hear candidates contrast their ideas, expertise and values. Mr. Whitson is doing voters a big disservice by denying these opportunities," she said.

Democrat Courtenay Rogers who is running for state House seat for District 63 attended while her opponent Glen Casada did not.

Both women answered several questions including transit and traffic issues in Williamson county, and their stand on medical marijuana and firearms. They said they've each knocked on hundreds of doors speaking to people in the county about these issues.

"I know what a lot of people are telling me when I'm knocking on doors and that's that we have traffic problems, that we want to protect their schools, things like that and so I'm curious to see what else people are interested in and what else they're having issues with," Rogers said.

The next public forum is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Williamson County Administrative Complex in Franklin.