Former Sheriff Arnold Sentenced To 50 Months In Prison

Posted at 6:54 AM, May 04, 2017

Former Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold has been sentenced to 50 months in prison.

A sentencing hearing took place Thursday morning at the federal courthouse in Nashville.

A judge sentenced Arnold to 50 months - four years and two months - in prison. He’s already served eight months of that time, meaning he'll serve three years and six months total. 

Arnold will be moved to a facility in Memphis, where he's expected to enroll in a mental health program.  

He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and extortion after he made money off a company, called JailCigs, that sold e-cigarettes to inmates. Court documents revealed that he pocketed the money from sales personally instead of putting them in the county's general fund.

Arnold has been ordered to pay $52,500 in restitution to the county.