Former Siegel football player Baylor Bramble dies, family shares

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jan 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-04 08:00:05-05

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WTVF) — A former Siegel High School football player who suffered a serious head injury in 2015 has died, according to his family.

Baylor Bramble has passed away, his father shared on Saturday.

Baylor was injured in a high school football game in October 2015. After leaving the game, the former wide receiver and cornerback underwent emergency brain surgery at Vanderbilt.

"This was a freak accumulation of blows," said NewsChannel5 sports anchor Steve Layman. "This truly is a very, very sad, tragic occurrence of something we've seen too much of, but is exceedingly rare."

According to the CDC, 47-percent of all concussions in high school athletics happen in football and nearly one in five players will have at least one during their high school career. But rarely is an injury catastrophic. According to the CDC, from 2005-2014 there were only 24 high school football fatalities, 22 of which were from head or brain injuries.

Bramble's father, David, is the senior pastor at Northside Baptist Church in Murfreesboro.

At the weekly church service on Sunday, family pastor Nick Mobley prayed with the congregation for the Bramble family.

"I thank you so much for the impact of a young man who never gave up," said Nick Mobley. "I thank you that he is enjoying the reward today of the immeasurable impact he's had on so many."

Jacob Miles of Milestone Paint and Body customized a truck for Baylor in 2019.

"He wanted to play at MTSU," said Jacob Miles. "We painted it in MTSU blue. We customized his football #33 into the paint job, and we also got his autograph off his driver's license and actually put it on the side below the number."

He said working with Baylor and his family is something he'll never forget.

"He fought. He wasn't expected to live the night that accident happened. He fought hard," said Miles.

Baylor Bramble was 22-years-old.