Gas Contamination Shuts Down Four Gas Stations

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 10:55:21-05

At least four Mapco gas stations have shut their fuel tanks down after realizing they were filled with contaminated gas.

The issue began Tuesday morning when drivers began complaining to Mapco once their cars began experiencing problems just after they filled up with gas. Mapco closed those gas tanks down and contacted the Department of Agriculture.

As of Wednesday night, the Mapco gas stations at 209 Highway 109 in Lebanon, 3043 Nolensville Road in Nashville, 3900 Lebanon Pike in Hermitage and 2099 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville are all affected.

That number, however, could increase.

“I do not remember a terminal issue that affected so much, so many so dramatically,” Ed Coleman Fuel Quality Administrator with the Department of Agriculture said.

At this point, officials believe diesel fuel was accidently mixed with unleaded and mid-grade gasoline at the Delek Terminal in Brentwood. That is where tankers fill up with gas before delivering the product to the individual gas stations.

The Department of Agriculture said they have received 37 complaints from 12 different gas stations. The Department has sent out inspectors to each of those locations to test the gasoline to see if there is a problem.

“We pulled four different inspectors yesterday from multiple counties, some counties far away to respond to this,” Coleman said.

Right now, the Department is still awaiting test results from other gas stations, so more could be shutting down if the gasoline fails to meet state standards.

If you believe you purchased contaminated gas, the Department of Agriculture has set up a hotline. Call 1-800-OCTANE1 and make sure to have the location of the gas station, date and time of when you purchased the gasoline.

Mapco said it will reimburse drivers for the gas they bought and will work to pay any repair bills as well.

The company has also set up a hotline, and they have encouraged customers to call if they believe they purchased contaminated fuel. That number is 1-800-445-5846.