Franklin residents urged to check surveillance after overnight car burglaries, shots fired

Harpeth River Oaks Apartments
Posted at 2:01 PM, Jun 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-01 19:42:41-04

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WTVF) — Police have asked some Franklin residents to check their home surveillance systems after multiple overnight car burglaries were reported. At one point, several shots were fired.

Franklin police said Tuesday that about a dozen unlocked cars were burglarized in the Royal Oaks and West Main Street corridors, including Carter Street, Forrest Street, and Champions Circle.

According to police, two men in a silver Ford Escape fired shots on Champions Circle, but no one was hurt. Police said it’s unclear if there was an intended target.

Investigators said those same suspects are believed to be responsible for some of the burglaries. Lt. Charlie Warner said, "Some of the cars had things missing that ranged from sunglasses to loose change to cash, tablet computers, guns are always a big target in these kinds of burglaries."

At the Reddick Street Apartments, Caleb Young said someone rifled through his mom's truck in their driveway. "She said a bunch of stuff was tossed around," Young said, "Other people aren’t the nicest, so they’ll try to find a way to get around those locks."

Residents were asked to check their Ring doorbell cameras and home surveillance systems for video. In addition, they were asked to call police if they find anything that might help with the investigation.

Police also urged residents to lock their cars and homes, and to leave a light on every night as part of a nationwide crime prevention strategy called the #9PMRoutine. Lt. Charlie Warner said, "Criminals want to go where people feel safe because they may have their guard down a little bit, and leave their car doors unlocked, and unfortunately, that’s what we saw time and again."