Frozen Temperatures Could Mean Frozen Pipes

Posted at 7:57 PM, Jan 19, 2016

With temperatures in the teens and single digits, frozen water pipes have become an issue.

Several plumbers have already started to get more calls from homeowners without water, but some of the solutions are very simple.

The key is to simply remember to do them, which is what some homeowners in East Nashville didn't do. Erin and Parker Young live on McFerrin Avenue in East Nashville.

"Woke up and yah, no shower.  No water any where," Parker said.

They had a pretty good idea what was wrong. At every faucet in their East Nashville home, the result was the same. No water, and not even a drip.

The same thing happened last year. Young said, "I mean, I'm definitely embarrassed.  I mean you think you learn your lesson and you forget, and the same thing again, but yes."

The Youngs went to bed and forgot to leave a drip at their faucets. Tuesday morning, the mercury dipped into the low teens.

The Youngs called Jack Ward and Sons Plumbing. Plumber Jeff Fruscha crawled into the crawl space.

Fuscha said, "We're going to take this heater.  We're going to crawl into this crawl space and we're going to fire that thing up and throw heat through out the whole underneath of the house."

Fruscha said the call from the Youngs was just one of many, and this job would probably be just the beginning a busy next few days.

"You know, it's just wreaking havoc on us right now," Fruscha said. He was able to get the water flowing by just heating up the crawl space. Luckily, there was no damage.

Fruscha said it's important to keep water running or dripping from your faucets when it's really cold.

He said, "Leave a couple of them on opposite ends of the house, so you got water moving through your whole system.  Open your cabinet doors, so the inside heat of the house can get in there and keep that warm."

It's advice Parker Young said the next time he won't forget. "Knock on wood, the last time.  For now on if we think it's down in the teens or twenties or I know it's going to, the faucet is on when we go to bed," Young said.

Fruscha said there are a couple of other things you should remember to do at home to prevent frozen pipes.

He recommended you make sure the air vents are closed on your crawl space, and to disconnect your garden hoses.