Geese Create Controversy In Dickson

Posted at 5:49 PM, Mar 10, 2016

An increase in geese on and near Luther Lake in Dickson has caused some problems for residents nearby, and they've asked the city to step in.

Residents who live near the lake have been crying fowl over the recent increase in the population of Canada geese.

The population has grown so much over the last few years that it's prompted some neighbors to line their yards with fishing line in an attempt to keep the birds out.

Luther Lake is only about one mile in diameter, but the surface of the lake has often been entirely covered in green algae, a bi-product officials said of the exploding waterfowl population.

“It’s a big health issue and we cannot get people to understand that. It’s not just a matter of having them in your yard. It’s not healthy for the lake,” says long time resident Brenda England.

"When it’s fairly fresh which everyday there’s a new supply the breathing of it is not healthy. People are trying to get healthy by walking around here. It’s not healthy to breath that,” she added.

The city of Dickson has relocated the geese population in years past, but they have now decided to pay the USDA $1,200 to help manage the problem.

Some residents were concerned though that the USDA would euthanize the birds after capturing them.

“You can’t just take a life because you don’t like the poop. This is a lake, get over it,” said Nicholas Spence who signed a petition to save the geese.

“This is a lake this. It should be viewed as a lake with ducks, with duck poop,” he added.

City of Dickson officials saID the USDA will begin their management process of the water fowl at the beginning of May.