Getting a real Christmas Tree? It could cost more than you think.

Posted at 4:24 AM, Dec 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-04 05:24:32-05

Over the hills and through the woods people are traveling to get the perfect Christmas tree. Picking one out is exciting, but getting it home can be dangerous.

This holiday season, AAA says almost half of Americans will use unsafe methods to bring their tree home. This could damage your car and hurt other drivers.

None of us want to deal with the consequences of the tree scratching the paint on your car, tearing door seals or distorting your window frames. The auto club says repairs could cost up to $1,500.

Experts say debris from these trees can cause more than 200,000 crashes, thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths between 2014 and 2017.

  • AAA suggests using the right type of vehicle like a pickup truck or SUV with a roof rack.
  • Use quality tie downs, not lightweight twine given to you at tree lots.
  • Wrap the tree in netting before loading it, and bring an old blanket to prevent paint scratches and protect the vehicle finish.
  • Before you leave the lot, tug at the tree to make sure it's in place... then drive carefully.

You can face fines if an unsecured tree falls off your vehicle. In Tennessee, the fine is about 500 dollars, plus court costs.