Governor Lee says Casada ‘made the right decision’ to announce plans to resign as House Speaker

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Posted at 10:32 AM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 15:57:39-04

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Governor Bill Lee said Glen Casada “made the right decision” to announce his impending resignation as House Speaker.

Casada confirmed in a statement Tuesday that he would resign the speakership. This comes just one day after the Williamson County Republican was dealt a 45-24 no-confidence vote by the House Republican Caucus.

"When I return to town on June 3, I will meet with Caucus leadership to determine the best date for me to resign as Speaker so that I can help facilitate a smooth transition," Casada said in a statement.

But some members of Casada's party say they aren't satified with that statement. Rep. David Hawk told NewsChannel 5 he wants the Speaker to resign his position immediately. Adding, "It will be a challenge with him in the legislature. There are wounds that have been opened that only him leaving will close."

Governor Lee said Monday night that he would call a special session if Casada didn’t resign.

On Tuesday, the governor tweeted, “Speaker Casada has made the right decision, and I look forward to working with the legislature to get back to conducting the people's business and focusing on the issues that matter most to our state.”

Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally echoed that sentiment, saying, “Speaker Casada announcing his intent to resign is the right decision for the legislature, the [Tennessee GOP] and the state. I commend him for it. Now we move forward. I am committed to working with leadership in the House to help restore the trust that has been lost in any way I can.”

Democratic Leader Karen Camper responded to the news of Casada's resignation with the following statement:

“These past few weeks have been painful ones for the Tennessee House of Representatives. The people of our state deserve to have representation that puts their needs first, over that of personal ambition and desperate clutching for power. The resignation of Speaker Casada is the necessary first step to begin healing in the General Assembly. This entire episode has brought to light social and emotional wounds in our state. It is the duty of every member to work to mend those wounds and become the best that we can be for the people who send us here. As we begin a new chapter in the history of our body, we must return the focus to our constituents.”

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