Group Camps Out, Seeks Donations For Homeless Vets

Posted at 5:55 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 23:37:42-05

On one of the busiest shopping weekends, a motorcycle club set up shop on a corner in Lebanon.

"Somebody just dropped off straight brand new clothes," Richard Griffin showed off the recent donation.

They group is made up of all veterans. And they're asking for food, clothes and money to help homeless vets in the area.

"They don't conform to what society thinks they are but they've gone to war and fought for us," said club member Terry Fuqua.

To prove a point, they're camping out for the weekend on site, sleeping in tents and on the group to experience what homeless vets go through everyday. While some shoppers camp for bargains, they camp for their comrades.

"A little sacrifice, a little awareness, a little education," Griffin said, "and a lot of people, they want to give. And if you make it convenient it makes it easier for them."

They're set up across from the Demos' in Lebanon, near the Walmart.

And the response on this holiday weekend has been enormous.

"I'm so proud of what y'all are doing!" Linda Martin-Peoples said, when she dropped off bags of clothing that belonged to her late husband.

"It's an outpouring of love for veterans in the community," Fuqua said, "and we love it."