Police: Suspects stole six guns in home burglaries

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. - Multiple guns were taken from a home in Hendersonville after residents report multiple break ins across the neighborhood.

Authorities responded on Sunday to the scene of the burglaries in the Governor’s Point subdivision. Police say both homes and cars across the neighborhood were rummaged through in the early hours of November 12.

Reports stated the crimes happened between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday.

Officials described the suspects as two white men or teenagers, possibly ages 16 to 20.

The suspects’ images were captured in video and photos. 

Residents said the suspects went through cars, garages and basements. Though, many large items of value were passed over, some neighbors have a theory about what the thieves were after.

"They didn't take anything from us which makes me think they wanted guns or money or jewelry. Because none of that is down here," said Bonnie Boone.

Boone's basement and garage were searched by the thieves. Boone said all of the drawers and cabinets were open when her husband went downstairs Sunday morning. The suspects passed over a box of antique knives which held some value.

"Both of my cars were here yesterday morning when my husband came down," she said. "The garage door was open, my trunk was open."

Police say six guns total were stolen from a nearby home. There were four handguns and two shotguns taken in that break in.

Anyone with information on these crimes has been asked to call the Hendersonville Police Department at 615-822-1111 or the Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-573-5400. 

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