Hermitage man narrowly missed by cars flying from tornado

Posted at 4:11 PM, Mar 04, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — A Hermitage man says he's thankful he's alive after he survived the tornado while stuck in his pick up truck. It happened in the parking lot of the Kroger on Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage.

"Yeah it was huge," Ricky Edwards said. "It was coming and strong. It was fast."

Edwards was eating a snack in his truck early Tuesday morning when the tornado warning went off. He looked up and saw the storm right in front of him heading his way.

"It was huge," Edwards said. "I thought, in case it wants to pick my truck up and throw me, I'm going to get up close to the building so it won't slam me far, but when I got up here, I had nowhere to go and I just stopped right there."

Within seconds he started seeing cars being picked up and moved like toys.

"Of course, things were flying everywhere," Edwards said.

When his windows blew out, he ducked down and waited for it to be over.

"Fortunately, I don't know why it didn't pick my truck up and do it like the rest of them, but a streak of luck," Edwards said.

At least four cars were flipped in that parking lot, one of them even hitting his front end. The truck is totaled, but he walked away with only a few scrapes.

"I've took a few licks before in my life," Edwards said, "I always seem to come out, you know, walking and talking."

Edwards says he's lucky and it wasn't his time.