High-Tech Device Aids In Opioid Addiction

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-01 23:35:05-04

A new technological treatment in opioid addiction could ease withdrawal symptoms.

Opioid abuse has grown to be a massive problem in Tennessee, and the number of people looking for treatment has tripled in just two years.

A new high-tech device has claimed to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

“People say they feel like they have the flu; so what this does, it helps take care of some of those symptoms so they can get through the detox process,” said Windle Morgan.

NOVO Healthcare in Madison, Tennessee was the first place in the southeast to offer what's called "The Bridge." 

The device fits on your ear and sends electrical pulses that can relieve withdrawals. It has been cleared by the FDA and helps a patient detox so that they can get treated for their addiction.

is it alternative? yes. is it innovative? yes. but it's time for us to start doing more innovative work in addiction. we've got so many people out there that are needing it

"The Bridge" isn't covered by insurance companies just yet. You can learn more by contacting NOVO Healthcare.
Contact: Windle Morgan, NOVO Healthcare, LLC, (615) 579-0462,