Hopkinsville FD Goes Door To Door To Supply Smoke Alarms

Posted at 8:47 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 21:56:40-05

The Hopkinsville Fire Department has taken a unique approach to equip every single home in the city with a working smoke detector. 

Fire Chief Freddie Montgomery started a campaign earlier this month for his firefighters to knock on every single door to install smoke detectors, replace batteries and teach about home safety. There are approximately 13,000 homes in Hopkinsville. 

The department has already been providing free smoke detectors for the past 20 years but the campaign is a first for the city, according to the chief. 

Public Information Officer Steve Futrell told NewsChannel 5 that the past several fires in the city did not have a working smoke detector including a fire in December that killed two people. 

"We just see an opportunity to put one in every home and make a difference here in Hopkinsville," Chief Montgomery told NewsChannel 5. "It's a huge undertaking but we're doing it in between calls."

In the first two weeks, the fire department visited close to 4,500 homes, and about 1,800 them needed a smoke alarm installed or battery replacement. 

If the homeowner is not immediately available, crews would leave a door hanger with a number to call back and set up an appointment. 

"The response has been well received by the entire community. People are wondering when we're going to be at their house," Chief Montgomery added. 

The chief said there was enough in the budget to supply the smoke detectors but will be paying along the way as the need for more supply continues. 

So far it has cost the department roughly $9,000 and is receiving help from the mayor's fund to complete the mission.